Five Star Reviews


What's everybody raving about?

"I don't know what I can say other than Cookie-lusciousness! My favorite cookies on the planet are old fashioned iced sugar cookies. The first bite, and I am hooked. Love love love!"

"I picked the cookies up this morning and they are nothing short of amazing! Exceeded my expectations by miles!! Plus, they are delicious! Thank you for making a 5 year old super excited on his birthday!!"

"Love, love, love her cookies! They taste so fresh, and the flavor is amazing! I would definitely recommend Melissa's cookies." 

"Love love love! Not only are they designed perfectly, they also taste amazing! I ordered for my baby shower and they were all anyone could talk about. I will definitely order again and again!"

"I ordered some cookies for my husband. Lucky for me he shared them. By far the best cookies I have ever had!!! The toffee crunch is my favorite. Thanks so much!!!" 

Bread Reviews

"I absolutely love the breads. I've had the cinnamon, lemon, and chocolate. These are so good that they're worth gaining 5 pounds when I eat them all myself and don't share!!!! Also, the customer service from Melissa is outstanding. She's fast, super friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend her!!!"

"This is the best lemon bread I have ever had!"

"Everything we have ordered from Melissa has been amazing...cookies, breads, caramels. We love them all."

Handcrafted Caramel Reviews

"Omg! I ate these caramels with tea with my hubby and he usually doesn't eat chocolate and loved it!!"

"The cookies are beyond perfect and your caramels...oh. my. Goodness. Will be my next order for clients!!!!!!!!"

"The caramel was definitely gone before I left the parking lot last night. Soooo good!"

"I bought a box of caramels last night! They are SOOOOOO good!"  

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